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#74 – Cheetah

Wonder Woman (various comic book titles 1943 – now)

Batman has the Joker. Superman has Lex Luthor. Wonder Woman has the Cheetah! Most people know these characters are each other’s nemeses, but out of the bad guys of the above mentioned characters which one has super powers? The Cheetah! This is another thing that makes Wonder Woman kinda more badass than her male companions.

Okay… So originally that’s a false statement. There have been three different Cheetahs for every giant era of DC Comics continuity plus a man version. The original Golden Age (Priscilla Rich) and Silver Age (Deborah Domaine) Cheetahs had no powers. Both characters were very Catwoman-like in motif, less menacing, and mostly just robbed banks. Obviously these versions aren’t the ones I want to talk about. While they do seem pretty lame, you have to understand it was a different time back then. My favorite Cheetah is the Modern Age and current one used in the New 52 context, Barbara Minerva. Minerva’s Cheetah took a huge leap into the supernatural but the one constant trait all the bearers of the Cheetah name have is their wealthy upbringings.

Barbara started out as an archeologist working in Africa amongst a tribe that had a guardian with cheetah powers. Marauders ended up attacking the tribe and Barbara’s crew killing most of them. A priest of the plant god, Urtzkartaga, convinced her to ingest human blood and berries from Urtzkartaga’s plant by promising her immortality in the heat of the moment. She was given the powers of the tribe’s cheetah guardian but the ritual was only meant for a female virgin. Barbara, being a rich European in her twenties, was not a virgin so the gift became a curse. While she is able to transform into a were-cheetah at any time, the curse causes her constant physical pain when in human form but she is euphoric while indulging in the blood-thirsty nature of her cheetah form. Basically she’s forced to be a homicidal maniac because she wanted to live a little in the past… What a drag.
Cheetah is brought into conflict with Wonder Woman through her archeological curiosity regarding her Lasso of Truth and it’s mythic origins. The rest is history. Naturally with animalistic powers she has super strength, durability, razor sharp claws, animal senses etc., etc. The one thing DC has focused on with Cheetah in recent years is her super speed. Cheetah’s are fast so naturally that’s a given. After having a sexual partnership with Professor Zoom (Flash bad guy that has equal speed powers) and murdering Priscilla Rich (the original Cheetah), Barbara was granted an even faster super speed rate in a Jet Li’s “The One” style upgrade. It’s silly but cool. I’d like to see her rival the Flash’s powers. I mean his powers are based off of a scientific accident and Barbara’s powers are derived from a deity. Why can’t she be as fast?

Barbara Minerva’s New 52 Cheetah has been slightly altered to fit more into Wonder Woman’s world. She became the Cheetah from being scraped by a long lost cursed Amazonian dagger. Instead of being cursed by an African god, her were-cheetah form takes place when she is possessed by the Amazonian “Goddess of the Hunt.” She can also infect other people like Superman into becoming possessed and were-cheetah-like by biting and clawing. It hasn’t really been explored too much yet though. Other than those minor details, she’s pretty much the same only closer to home for Wonder Woman now. Let’s get a Wonder Woman movie in the making already so we can see Cheetah in action!!!

IN REVIEW: Son Of Batman

unnamed (1)
“How can you expect to lead humanity, if you’ve never been a part of it?” 
The message behind Son of Batman is quite simple; it’s never too late to learn right from wrong. Under the correct guidance, and the proper influence, we all have the ability to rehabilitate ourselves and become better people. I chose to open with the above quote, which is a line from Batman to his son Damian in the film, because I think it is an extremely powerful thought. How can you expect to be a better person, and prove to be an example for others, if you’ve never taken the chance to walk in their shoes?
That’s the kind of powerful shit you can learn from Batman cartoons, kids. So take that mom and dad! (Not my parents, just the douchey parents out there who think their kids are wasting time reading/watching Batman)
The story and progression of Damian Wayne has always been fascinating to me, and while he is a character hated by many fans, I’ve found myself very drawn to the character. His story and his psychological state of mind can be very intricate. Trained by the League of Assassins at the guidance of R’as Al Ghul, Damian believes that he is to lead humanity one day, even if it means killing in the process. What Damian lacked most in his upbringing, was balance. Doing what is right because it is right, and without question. So how do you take a child, who has grown up under the notion that hatred is okay, and vindication is sometimes necessary, and teach him to uphold a strong moral compass?
Well, That’s where Batman comes in.
I was EXTREMELY surprised that the writers behind Son of Batman decided to include the risqué manor in which Damian was conceived. It caused a major stir when the comic arc was released, because Talia Al Ghul essentially drugged Batman and mounted him like a wild stallion, in hopes that they would conceive a child…which they totally did. Many attributed the nature of this development to the use of date rape drugs like GHB, and DC later retconned the story to make the intimacy between Batman and Talia consensual. Right off the bat (get it?!), this sets the tone for the film. Although they decided to include this, they also make it abundantly clear that Batman remembers the night he and Talia shared beneath the stars….and he ain’t mad.
The voice acting and animation on this film was fantastic. Jason O’Mara shines again as Batman, in a performance that I believe to be better than his previous work on Justice League: War. Perhaps it was the script, perhaps he just felt more connected with the character this go round, he was just there. Stuart Allan behind the voice of Damian also takes center stage. For a young and inexperienced actor, you surely couldn’t tell. Both the arrogance and naivety of Damian were portrayed phenomenally well, and in the second act he played a believable reform. The film also had the beautiful Morena Baccarin (Firefly, Homeland) behind the voice of Damian’s mother Talia, and Thomas Gibson (Criminal Minds) behind the voice of Deathstroke. I wasn’t dissapointed with Gibson’s performance as Deathstroke, but I wasn’t necessarily thrilled. He just…was.
The main positive aspect of the film, is that it is a completely original story. Some lines from the original comic (Batman and Son by Grant Morrison) are used, and the general idea of Damian Wayne remains intact, but other than that every thing is new. Deathstroke, Killer Croc, and Nightwing were not key characters in the comic, and the fact that this story was completely brand new is worth noting.
The one negative aspect of the film, is it’s center. At some point in the story, Damian really needed to have his ass handed to him by his father to make him realize what a douchebag he was, but this film didn’t really include that. In the comic in which this story is loosely based, Damian brutally attacks current Robin Tim Drake in efforts to take his place. Batman gets so rip-roaringly pissed at Damian, that he scares the living poo out of him in a fit of rage. There was a moment in Son of Batman where we were supposed to believe that Damian was gearing up for a changin’, but it felt like it went too fast. This is the only situation where “don’t bore us, get to the chorus” didn’t really need to exist.
But don’t let that away you away from the film, it’s still fantastic, much like the other DC Animated features. A solid story with many of your favorite characters, and the fabulous character design of Phil Bourasso. Check it out, and you won’t be disappointed.


Netflix Streaming Service Rates Are Set To Increase


Netflix confirmed today that beginning within the next two to three months, their streaming service would see an increase of one to two dollars for new users. This is the first time since Netflix’s disastrous attempt to split up its streaming and disc based service in 2011  that the company has looked to raise its rates.

This time it seems that the price increase is here to stay. Netflix CFO David Wells had the following to say about the rate increase. “Our current view is to do a one or two dollar increase, depending on the country, later this quarter for new members only.”  The company tested an increase in Ireland and said that it had little effect on its subscription numbers.

Existing users aren’t getting off scott-free either , the company also released the following quote as part of its statement. “Existing members would stay at current pricing (e.g. $7.99 in the U.S.) for a generous time period.” So it seems sometime down the road even existing subscribers will be hit with the rate increase.


Renegade with Letters
#75 – General RAAM

Gears of War (Xbox 360, 2006)
Gears of War 3: RAAM’s Shadow (Xbox 360, 2011)

General RAAM is the 9 foot tall former leader of the Locust Horde army who is so badass that he spells his name in all caps, and was such a fan favorite villain from Gears of War that he got his own downloadable prequel story in the third installment of the franchise.

Well I’m still left wondering what exactly the “Locust” creatures really are… I mean they’re supposedly a reptilian humanoid subterranean race that’s lived on the planet Sera along with the humans of this context since the beginning of time. The weird thing about that is that they have a human looking queen named Myrrah and every now and then the games ambiguously hint that the Locust may have been human created… but then the story either ignores or deters those theories in the long run. I didn’t play the prequel, Gears of War: Judgment, so maybe that stuff was elaborated on, but for now I’m just going to ignore it and say the Locust hate humans and want to conquer the surface world for themselves. Also they have tamed lots of underground beasts to act as instruments of war like the seemingly forty foot tall Brumaks, flying squid-like beasts called Reavers, and A GIANT WORM!!! Oh yeah… their females are supposedly all blind bulldozing invulnerable mindless beasts called Berserkers. I know we can all relate to that.

We first see RAAM slowly walking up to Lieutenant Minh Young Kim during a firefight and stabbing him with a giant blade which lifts him off the ground killing him. This scene instantly shows you RAAM is menacing, intelligent, and tough by isolating the leader of your squad and effortlessly gutting him as he stares into his eyes as he dies. Later in the game you discover RAAM can control Kryll, bat-like creatures that devour and strip flesh at high speeds by swarming what they see like a pack of piranhas. The Kryll do not differentiate between Locust and human and attack anything in the dark so the fact that RAAM can command them to act as a personal shield or as projectile weapons is freakishly impressive. His other weapon is a modified Troika gun. This is only worth mentioning because a Troika is the games name for stationed high caliber manned turrets. RAAM is so big that he is able to carry the weapon and stay mobile.

Although he only speaks in one word battle commands, he is more methodical than he lets on. In the world of Gears of War, RAAM is the definitive face of fear for humanity. After his death and the lightmass bombing of the Kryll hives many Locust drones and beasts deserted the Horde or became extremely disorganized which changed the favor of the war to the humans. Basically RAAM was the balls.


Renegade with Letters
#76 – The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight

The Tick (animated series, 1994)

When all said and done; The Tick is a spoof of all things action comics and cartoons. I’m not sure which character or characters were the inspiration for The Evil Midnight Bomber (if there were any at all) but he’s always made me laugh in his singular episode appearance as a speaking villain in “The Tick vs. The Tick.” The Bomber is a schizophrenic bomb fanatic obsessed with becoming a famous villain by achieving a feat of villainy no one would ever dare. Also he talks primarily to himself in spontaneous Tourette’s induced shouts.

There’s really not much to say about this guy. He’s more of a spectacle you have to see for yourself. His plan is to slip into the Comet Club, a super hero night club, and plant bombs set to blow at midnight. He successfully crusades through the club nonchalantly placing bombs and screaming his villainous intentions out loud in front of a packed crowd of super heroes without being noticed. Just before midnight Tick’s sidekick Arthur points out the bombs and the Tick gathers them up only to heave them accidentally onto the outside sidekick lounge.

This character’s non-subtlety always made me happy to see in action. The fact that he’s a very small scuzzy disturbed looking man with a cockroach themed costume carrying a briefcase clearly labeled “BOMBS” and no one suspects a thing is awesome. It’s a thing only the animated Tick series could have pulled off with such grace.


Renegade with Letters
#77 – Mileena

Mortal Kombat II (various video game sequels, movies, and comics 1993 – now)

Kurse Mortal Kombat and their infamous pallet swap kharakters! See what I did there?? So I’ll be honest if it wasn’t for the 2011 “reboot” of Mortal Kombat’s story and character designs in the most recent arcade style fighter simplistically retitled “Mortal Kombat,” this character would not be on this list.

If you’re playing Mortal Kombat II for the first time you’ll see that there is an almost identical PURPLE female ninja and BLUE female ninja to select from. Cheap right? I’m unclear if the developers had a detailed backstory to the character at the time or she was just given a random fatality where she is shown devouring her opponent’s body whole and spitting out their bones. It did seem a tad ridiculous. Regardless though, Mileena has gone through a lot of tweaks since then. Her backstory has always placed her as Kitana’s (the blue female) identical “sister.” Only she is a clone of Kitana made by Shang Tsung’s sorcery as a possible replacement daughter for his master, Shao Kahn. Shao Kahn is the ruler of Outworld, an alternate “realm,” and he has conquered many realms other than his own. When he took over “Edenia” he adopted that realm’s princess as his daughter, which was the naively loyal Kitana. Shao Kahn feared that his daughter would one day discover that he pillaged the FUCK out of her once peaceful realm and find out that he is a brutal jerkwad of an emperor so he commissioned Shang Tsung to make Mileena.

In the rebuffed storyline of the 2011 game, Mileena is a fusion of Kitana’s essence mixed with a Tarkatan warrior. Tarkatans look almost human despite the long blades popping out of the top of their forearms and elongated sharp teeth sticking out of their deformed maws. This aspect explains Mileena’s need for a mask that covers her sharp fanged face when the rest of her body is barely covered and almost supernaturally sexually attractive (except for those weird blocky shoulders… Whats that about??). In the process of her making, Mileena was also mentally damaged causing an immediate intense jealously for her sister and a cannibalistic hunger making her an almost feral combatant. Mileena’s joyful insanity and attraction to brutality gained Shao Kahn’s approval above Kitana unlike the previous game’s stories.


Stripper costumes are fun for everyone!

In a game full of merciless killers (even the “heroes”) Mileena’s cannibalism stand out to me. Sure Scorpion can burn someone alive, Sub-Zero can shatter a frozen body to pieces, and Kung Lao has a frisbee hat of death… But Mileena tears your head off and eats your face, which is way more savage and personal. Not only that, but she seems to “get off on it” as she makes sensual moans when covered in blood. It’s like combining Hannibal Lecter and the Joker and putting them in the body of a stripper with a piranha mouth. “Over-the-top” is an understatement but it kinda works. I will say that I’m not a true fan of the Mortal Kombat franchise due to the excessive use of shock value in violence and sex appeal. I have always viewed the female characters in the series as tools in that regard, and all in all that’s what Mileena is. But the duality of her beauty and beastliness sets her apart from it in a unique way in an almost taboo-like fashion.

The X-Men Film You’ve Always Wanted To See


Last night around 11pm, fans of the X-Men franchise were treated to the third and final trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past. You’ve likely heard the term “saving the best for last,” and in the case of DOFP it became “holy effing sh*t balls is it May 23rd yet?!”.

I will let you watch it for yourselves, but I will say this; It looks absolutely incredible. Although there are many hands in the cookie jar, I have a feeling that this will be the best X-Men film to date, and maybe even one of the best comic book movies thus far.

Check it out:

WGN America To Develop DC Comics’ SCALPED For TV


Yet another comic book series is being developed for the silver screen, this time in the form of Jason Aaron and R.M Guerra’s “Scalped”. The series ran for about 60 issues back in 2007, ending in 2012.

The crime noir drama centers around a young FBI Agent named Dashiell “Dash” Bad Horse, as he goes undercover to take down a crime ring at the Prairie Rose Indian Reservation, the reservation in which he grew up.  The story is partly inspired by the real life Native American activist Leonard Peltier, who shot and killed two FBI Agents in a 1975 shootout.

Not much is known about the development for tv, other than the news that Doug Joun (“Banshee”) is attached to script a pilot, and to executive produce for Warner Horizon Television. Stay tuned here at ACR for more news on the series as it develops!

MTV TV Spot Roundup

As some of you may know, last night held the annual MTV Movie Awards, and what an event it was! Not only did Conan O’Brien prove to be a fantastic host, but we also caught a  few glimpses from this years blockbuster season. Paramount, Fox, and Sony all released several exclusive Tv Spots for the event, and we’ve compiled the list here!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

First up, it’s our favorite heroes in a half shell. This first Tv Spot for the upcoming turtle epic has many folks divided. Why? Because it gives us our first peek at Master Splinter (albeit the back of his head). While most fans are bitching about the Fu Man Chu, they neglect to notice two things; 1. Splinter is wielding a sword in the scene portrayed, which means he is going to get in on the action this go-round. 2. Did anyone else notice the armor that the person on the receiving end of that sword was wearing?! ***coughPossibleShredderFightcough***


Dwayne Johnson has been talking heavily about his preparation for this role, and how much he put into it. So far, it definitely shows. Did we necessarily need another live-action Hercules? That remains to be seen. But if you’re a fan of badassery and mythological boss fights, this appears to be the flick for you.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

So this one is actually a clip, but an amazing one at that. We were pretty pumped for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 prior to this, and now that desire to see it is entirely solidified.

Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Peep this if you want to hear Mark Wahlberg say “I think we just found a Transformer” again. We sure did…

A Million Ways To Die In The West

Thankfully there is a comedy in the midst of all these superhero/action flicks, and that is Seth McFarlane’s A Million Ways To Die In The West. As with any comedy, it’s always hard to tell what you’re heading based solely on the trailer, but we trust Seth!

Edge Of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise in another sic-fi flick?! Sign us up. Last year’s Oblivion was heavily underrated, but Tom gave a brilliant performance. So we are hoping this one is just as good.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past

We saved this one for last, because you always save the best for last…right? Holy hell does this look amazing. Beautifully shot, and beautifully put together, this clip from X-Men: Days Of Future Past will surely sucker you into buying a ticket! Dare we say it’s the X-Men film you’ve always wanted? Let’s wait and see.

And there ya have it, folks! This summer is really going to break the bank, eh? Stay tuned here at ACR for all of your upcoming film news!


Renegade with Letters
#78 – Sugar-Man

X-Men (various comic titles 1995 – now)
X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (video game 2004)

Don’t be fooled, Sugar-Man is not M.O.D.O.K.’s deformed little brother. This four-armed dimension hopper is a mutant slaver and geneticist from a timeline called the “Age of Apocalypse.”

In short, the Age of Apocalypse in an alternate timeline that took place 20 years before the 1990’s era of Marvel’s main continuity (Earth 616) where Charles Xavier was murdered before he could form the X-Men. After a lifetime of fighting for mutant and human equality being erased from existence; reality spun in a very different and darker direction. Apocalypse, the uber-mutant tasked with challenging the world to see who is strong enough to survive his wrath, had gotten his way and taken over the world. This means that only the strongest mutants were left around while average baseline humans were culled in a mass genocide. As a reaction to this world-wide Holocaust, Magneto stepped forth to lead a team of X-Men to protect the remaining portion of humanity and kill Apocalypse.

Sugar-Man comes into play as the warden of a human slave pit known as the Core. Not only is he a sadistic child molester and possible rapist, he is a student of this reality’s Mr. Sinister and has vast knowledge of genetics. His mutant abilities allow him to add and decrease his mass and project an immensely long razor sharp tongue from his mouth that can cut through stone among other things.

When Magneto’s X-Men learn of what reality was SUPPOSED TO BE; they attempt to fix it by finding Illyana Rasputin, who has latent time traveling abilities. But Illyana is a resident of the Core and a nightly victim of Sugar-Man’s abuse. Colossus’s team of younger mutants, Generation Next, is sent in to free her but all of them end up dying except Colossus, Shadowcat, and Husk. The fact that Colossus’s team was made up of TEENAGERS and most of them are brutally slaughtered inside the Core is a horrific testament to the Age of Apocalypse.

During the Magneto’s attempt at fixing reality, Sugar-Man along with several other characters piggybacked themselves into Marvel’s main continuity but were flung 20 years into the main timeline’s past. This event was a huge retcon opportunity and we learn that Sugar-Man has spent his years in the shadows on the island of Genosha. He was responsible for giving the Genegineer the formula of the mutate bonding process which led to mutant enslavement long ago. Mr. Sinister (of the regular reality) had taken notice of this and saw remarkable similarities to his own work. Hmmm?

Over the years, Sugar-Man has teamed up with his pal Dark Beast (the Hank McCoy from the Age of Apocalypse) and fought Cable, Excalibur, Callisto, Nate Grey, and some of the New Mutants partially from the shadows and at other times obnoxiously out in the open. I find it humorous that a character with such a “loud design” could keep himself hidden for twenty years straight, but that’s the power of retconning a character into existence for you. His other plots involve crisscrossing back into the Age of Apocalypse timeline and back again to create a virus that could potentially wipe out all non-mutant human life. I feel the same way about Sugar-Man as a lot of villains on this list. Maybe they haven’t actually done much and haven’t had their time to shine, but with enough interest and the right writer; someone could take this dark and bizarre character to new places.

25 Moments In Mutant/Human History


The viral campaign for X-Men: Days of Future Past continues with another great video. This time, we catch a glimpse at the 25 moments in history that highlight the struggle between mutants and humans.

At the end of the video, viewers are linked to this url:

If you follow the link, you can explore various moments in human history that were altered by mutants. Stuff like Chernobyl, the Berlin Wall, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and more. The site also provides an explanation as to why the Kelsey Grammer interpretation of Hank McCoy will not be represented in the film.

Check it out and see for yourself!


Renegade with Letters
#79 – Baxter Stockman

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (various comics, video games, animation 1984- now)

With all TMNT characters you’re going to get a multitude of different continuity versions in which all of them and none of them are simultaneously THE ONE definitive storyline. You have the original Mirage comic version, the 1987 animated cartoon, the 2003 series, the 2012 Nickelodeon series (which is awful in my opinion), and the brand new IDW comic book run (which is my favorite). Baxter Stockman is no exception to this circumstance and the only constant attribute he has in all iterations is that he is the mad scientist responsible for creating pest control robots called Mousers.

The first thing to tackle is his race change in the 1987 cartoon. In all versions of this character he is a egomaniacal African American man with the technological genius to rival Marvel’s Iron Man, but the early cartoon not only portrayed him as a squeamish mild mannered white man just trying to get by but he later was mutated into a human-fly hybrid. This transformation was almost identical to the 1986 film The Fly, starring Jeff Goldblum, in which a house fly enters a portal at the same time he does and inadvertently mixes their molecules together. As a kid at the time and fan of the old cartoon, Baxter the Fly was among the dozens of visually appealing grotesque mutant villains I came to love. I mean despite how nasty looking he may be, he still looks and sounds adorable with that bowtie/sweater vest outfit and his high pitched poindexter voice. Obviously this series was marketed towards children as his character was portrayed more as a sympathetic victim of Shredder and Krang’s disapproval.

His other contexts are mostly the same except for who he is allied to. In the Mirage comics he worked by himself and used the Mousers to rob banks for fun and later became a fully robotic-bodied cyborg. Drawing much similarity to the original, the 2003 cartoon Baxter slowly became more and more cybernetic over time as Shredder would hack one of his limbs off each time he failed him. This version was a treacherous asset of the Shredder’s secret empire who built several high tech mobile armors after being reduced to nothing more than a brain in a jar.

Most recently in the IDW comic series, Baxter is the successful owner of his own company called Stock Gen Laboratories and is funded by the alien warlord Krang (who is NOT allied with Shredder in this context). His company is tasked with developing expendable mutant soldiers for Krang’s war on planet Nuetrino as well as developing a psychotropic drug that increases intelligence. The experimentation of both of these things contributed to Splinter and the turtles not only mutating to intelligent humanoid forms but discovering that they have been reincarnated from their past lives as humans from feudal Japan.

Baxter, in this context, retains his enormous ego and defiant attitude towards his superiors but has also had the opportunity to remind us of his 1987 fly counterpart. Being a genius in both engineering and biologic mutation, this Baxter created a mutated “Fly-Borg” as a drone while trapped on Krang’s island fortress. In past incarnations Baxter has both transformed into a fly and a cyborg, so the concept of making a Fly-Borg not only nods to that but allows Baxter to remain himself without compromising which form he should take. It’s the best of both worlds and completely original.


New Photos From GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Revealed

Chugga Chugga Choo-Choo, the Marvel hype train keeps rolling through hype station with MORE photos from the upcoming summer blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy.

Trust me…we’re not complaining. Star Lord looks like….well, a lord of the stars…Check em’ out!

gotg-new-001-big1613942_10152334929469570_284632694886380273_n gotg-new-002-big


Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters on august 1st!


Renegade with Letters
#80 – Atrocitus

Green Lantern (various comic book titles 2007 – now)

So what happens when the good guys fuck up and accidentally cause the death of every living being on a planet except one guy? One really PISSED OFF survivor. In this case the good guys were the Guardians, the little ancient blue guys who later created the Green Lantern Corps in the DC Comics Universe, and the survivor was Atrocitus. (Also technically there were five survivors, not just him.)

Before the Guardians trusted real people to wield power rings to protect the galaxy, they powered robot enforcers called the Manhunters with the green element of willpower. A rogue batch of Manhunters with “faulty programming” spontaneously decided to eradicate everything living in Space Sector 666 including the family of an alien named Atros. He renamed himself Atrocitus and with the other four survivors swore vengeance on the Guardians. Performing blood rituals, the Five Inversions (as they called themselves), were able to see visions into the future and witnessed the prophecy the Guardians called “Blackest Night.” Atrocitus and his friends were imprisoned after attacking the Guardians. The Green Lantern Abin Sur was interested in Atrocitus’s foresight into the prophecy and visited Atrocitus to ask him questions.

By foretelling Abin Sur of his fate, Atrocitus was able to instill fear and weaken the Lantern which allowed him to mortally wound him on his way to Earth. This is the extremely retconned origin of how the Green Lantern Hal Jordan obtained Abin Sur’s ring after he died. After attacking and murdering some humans on Earth Atrocitus was subdued by Sur’s friend Sinestro and Sur’s replacement Hal Jordan. Atrocitus was then again imprisoned with the other Five Inversions until he killed them to form his very own RED power rings and battery with their blood. His rings were powered by RAGE and Atrocitus had plenty of it.

After the Sinestro Corps. War, Atrocitus began recruiting more and more members of angry and estranged people across the galaxy. This included the once popular Green Lantern Laira and a blue cat. The Red Lantern cat character began as an obscure addition in the midst of a splash page spread illustrated by Ethan Van Sciver. Fans took notice and demanded the “Rage Kitty” become more than a random member of the Red Lantern Corps. The cat’s name became Dex-Starr, an abandoned house cat whose rage at losing it’s master apparently outweighs a galaxy full of other candidates. With Dex-Starr now acting as Atrocitus’s “pet” and the events of the Blackest Night story line showing a more selfless side to Atrocitus, the original Red Lantern has lately been depicted more as an anti-hero. In the New 52’s Red Lantern Corps. comic he has even weakened in terms of his blinding hatred after learning it was a rogue Guardian named Krona who sabotaged the Manhunters that destroyed all that he knew.

After being denied his vengeance against Krona, Atrocitus was less angry than ever and even booted out of his own Corps. While I did appreciate the original direction his character took in being written as a good man struggling with overwhelming rage and eventually overcoming it, it’s kind of a lame end for him. No matter how hard you try, rage doesn’t last forever, and eventually you get over what was grieving you… I get it. But this guy was like an alien Punisher with a power ring! He’s supposed to be RAGE INCARNATE. He’s supposed to make the Hulk look like a laid back dude. In this case, I’d like to see Atrocitus return to the more clichéd pissed off fellow he once was. Making him a good guy was admirable but don’t cut his balls off! Let’s find another excuse to make him mad, DC!

Nathan Fillion Teases GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Cameo


Director James Gunn and Nathan Fillion are good friends, and now it appears as if they may have worked on their third film together. At the Saint Louis Comic Con, Fillion teased a possible cameo in the upcoming Marvel film; Guardians of the Galaxy.

A fan referenced Fillion’s history with both James Gunny and Joss Whedon, and asked the sci-fi legend if he had auditioned for, or wanted a part in, Gunn’s upcoming film Guardians of the Galaxy. His response sent the crowd into a burst of applause:

“[Want] to get a part? Or maybe did. I’m just saying maybe. Maybe it’ll be a surprise. Maybe check the credits of the movie when you watch it.”

Check out the entire video to see it in context, he gives a great “non-answer” that is probably safe from the Marvel privacy rules. See for yourself here:

Quicksilver Eats A Breakfast Sandwich, And People Hate It


The powers that be behind the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past have decided to give fanboys more ammo against the film’s portrayal of Quicksilver, a founding member of the Brotherhood of Mutants set to appear in the film, by releasing a Carl’s Jr. commercial featuring the speedster himself.

Many fans are outraged over the costume design, so much so that many are threatening to boycott the entire film based solely on the matter. (seriously)

Are you a person who reserves judgement for a finished product? So are we. Here is your first look at Quicksilver in action:

An Extended Look At Chris Pratt In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY


Marvel has released an extended clip that introduces us to Chris Pratt as Peter Quill/Star Lord in the upcoming summer epic; Guardians of the Galaxy. The scene comes straight from the page of an Indiana Jones script, as Peter Quill stealthily removes a floating orb from it’s pedestal. Early speculation is that this orb could be an “infinity stone,”one of six gems that possess great power in the Marvel Universe.

Though the clip only shows a tiny bit more of what we’ve already seen, it is still worth checking out! Take a peek below and tell us what you think!

The Guardians invade theaters on August 1st.

Via Mtv