Christian Bale Set To Play Steve Jobs In Biopic

Christian Bale will be playing Steve Jobs in Sony Pictures’ upcoming untitled biopic. Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) is set to direct the film while veteran writer Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network) penned the script. In an interview Sorkin talked about how there was never any debate, Bale was always their guy they were just waiting to see if scheduling would work out in their favor. There had been reports that Leonardo DiCaprio would be taking the lead role. Sorkin had this to say about the part and his hopes for Bale in the role.

“He has more words to say in this movie than most people have in three movies combined. There isn’t a scene or a frame that he’s not in. So it’s an extremely difficult part and he is gonna crush it.”

Sorkin’s screenplay is based off of Walter Isaacson’s biography, Steve Jobs. Originally there had been rumors that David Fincher would oversee directing duties, but that seems to be unfounded. No release window has been given for the film but we can probably expect to hear more about it in the coming months. Stay tuned to ACR for all your film news!


Renegade with Letters
#12 – Superboy-Prime

DC Comics (various comic book titles, 1985 – now)

Here’s a character that has the most outlandish 4th wall shattering backstory of all time, has been a device used to trigger every pet peeve common comic book readers have, but is so damn powerful and batshit crazy we love him at the same time; Superboy-Prime. The really messed up thing about Superboy-Prime is that he was originally perceived to be an alternate reality version of Superman that revisited his days in the 40’s as Superboy (who became the iconic Superman at a later stage in life); the “Golly gee”-type superhero that did everything right and always prevailed against pesky no good villains. Everything went perfect and smooth for superheroes back then (well… except for Batman, his parents still died). Obviously things had changed from the 40’s to the 80’s when this Superboy was created (especially in the world of comic book superheroes exploring darker paths) which serves as source of Superboy-Prime’s parody-like conflict that makes him such an irrational force of destruction and controversial character to fans.

Superboy-Prime grew up exactly like the Superman everyone is accustomed to. His home planet of Krypton exploded as he was sent away in a rocket, crash landed on Earth, was discovered by a couple with the last name Kent in a town called Smallville, and was named Clark. This is coincidentally weird because in the reality known as “Earth-Prime” (which these events took place in) Superman and every other superhero of the DC Comics Universe already existed… AS COMIC BOOK CHARACTERS. On Earth-Prime there was no such thing as superheroes or super powers (it’s just as boring as ours!) and “Jerry” Kent even felt a little hesitant about naming his adopted child “Clark” because it felt a little too close to fiction. At the age of 15, Clark Kent/Kal-El’s Kryptonian powers emerged after being triggered by Halley’s Comet and suddenly he became the one and only Superboy (of Earth-Prime). Sometime after this, Earth-Prime was consumed by a wave of multiversal anti-matter caused by the Anti-Monitor during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Superboy-Prime somehow survived the annihilation of his reality and joined up with a boat load of superheroes from alternate realities to take the Anti-Monitor down.

After an extremely crazy battle, the Anti-Monitor was destroyed and the heroes of the multiverse (Earth-2 Superman, Earth-2 Lois Lane, Earth-3’s Alexander Luthor Jr., and Superboy-Prime) all got locked into a “paradise dimension.” This group decided to remain outside of reality feeling they did not belong in the singular reality they had helped create in the wake of the Anti-Monitor’s destruction. Superboy having lost his home reality and being stuck as a teenage Superman for the rest of his life became a bit antisocial with his other displaced refugee friends. He began re-watching his days on Earth-Prime using some crystals that allowed image scrying (defying time, space, and reality) like a crazy person watching video tapes of their glory days WAAAAAAY too much. Superboy ended up deluding himself into thinking that Earth-Prime was a perfect universe as opposed to the new fixed “Post Crisis” universe where heroes “resembled villains” during dark times (like Jason Todd (2nd Robin) dying at the hands of the Joker making Batman even more paranoid, or Hal Jordan being possessed by Parallax killing thousands of Green Lanterns). Earth-2 Lois’s health deteriorated as a result of being inside this dimension while Alexander Luthor convinced them all to return to reality and re-fix it into a better timeline.


Here’s where it gets even sillier but awesome. During the events of Infinite Crisis, the angered Superboy PUNCHED a barrier reality that ended up causing breaches in the fabric of reality to explain further character re-writes and continuity changes. Thank goodness we can just let Superboy-Prime PUNCH REALITY to explain Jason Todd coming back to life… Anyway during this time, Superboy and Alexander Luthor caused some major chaos. Superboy rearranged planetary alignments so that Earth, not Oa, would be at the center of the universe (because that is also believable). This caused a huge war between Rann and Thanagar due to their altered orbits harming one anothers ecosystems. Superboy-Prime also viciously attacked the Superboy of the Post Crisis reality viewing himself superior and deserving the life that the more heroic Superboy had. This fight quickly became an all-out brawl with Superboy’s posse, the Teen Titans, then the Justice League, and Justice Society resulting in some unplanned decapitations and several members dying at Superboy-Prime’s hands. Whoopsy! From then on he was pretty much in denial that he wasn’t the perfect superhero he cracked himself up to be as he blamed others for making him kill.

infinite crisis 4 p 19 - Copy

Considering Superboy-Prime has all the powers of Superman AND has no weakness to magic and kryptonite (at least any kryptonite that isn’t from Earth-Prime), he’s a hard son of a bitch to take down. As a last resort, three generations of the Flash used the Speed Force to banish Superboy into a world of artificial red sunlight for four years outside of time. Back in the current time, after the fight happened, Superboy returns seemingly hours later having broken free from his four year banishment AND THE SPEED FORCE. WTF?? Superboy-Prime returns wearing an Anti-Monitor suit of armor that replenished his body with the effect of yellow sunlight absorption which constantly increased his powers as he wore it. Then he killed the Superboy he was so jealous of earlier which results in Alexander Luthor’s machine they were planning on using to “fix” reality with exploding. After his hopes of returning the world to Earth Prime again are lost, Superboy-Prime then heads to Oa at incredible speed. His intention was destroying the planet resulting in a big bang causing the universe to rewrite itself again. On his way doing this, he smashes through a 300-MILE LONG WALL OF GREEN LANTERN CORPS WILLPOWER. WTF AGAIN? Here he kills 32 Green Lantern members but is finally stopped by THE Superman. Yeah, Infinite Crisis is pretty intense, right?


Superboy-Prime is then imprisoned in a science cell under the guard of the Green Lantern Corps (stationed by 50 members around a Red Sun) for a few years until the Sinestro Corps War. With a newly reborn Anti-Monitor backing up Sinestro’s yellow lantern corps, the now proclaimed SuperMAN-Prime joins them as a means to eventually take revenge on the Anti-Monitor (who he blames as the originator of his downfall) when the time was right. After a war that pitted thousands of Green and Yellow Lantern members along with nearly all of Earth’s superheroes against each other; Superman-Prime was yet again the MVP on the field as he fought against Superman, Power Girl, and the super powered alien host of Ion (a living entity of pure Green Lantern willpower), Sodam Yat. After rendering Sodam Yat unconscious and noticing the Anti-Monitor weakening, Superman-Prime flew through its body and hurled it into space killing it. Before being taken down by a Guardian sacrificing himself, both warring sides (Green Lanterns, Earth heroes, AND Sinestro Corps) had turned their focus into subduing the murderous rampage of Superman-Prime.


He’s done some more stuff… But wow! Infinite Crisis and the Sinestro Corps War are enough to impress anyone no matter how ridiculous it is. When I say other stuff: it entails destroying an entire universe (thankfully it was Earth-51… Nobody cares about those guys…) and resisting the zombifying effect a Black Lantern power ring it has on its wearers. So… More impressive stuff. Oddly enough, a future version of himself, who can manipulate time, once returned him to Earth-Prime without his Kryptonian powers. Having read the comics that Superboy-Prime was involved in, his parents and girlfriend are now terrified of him. During this period of time, he spent his days living in his parents’ basement collecting comic books that he was once featured in and trolling the internet as a jab to the many fans who have complained about him over the internet. Every aspect of this character is kind of a “spit in the eye” mockery of what DC fans call the Pre-Crisis era of comics. For example; he’s a whiney pathetic version of Superman, the manliest hero ever from the Golden Age. Another example is how he can punch reality just like how the classic Superman did equally absurd things with his powers back then. I personally like S-Prime because he was a parody of cornier times and I’ve never quite liked Superman to begin with. Seeing a legitimately good natured Superboy transform into a monster because of an uncontrollable childish temper was a refreshing thing for me, but I suppose not for older die-hard Superman fans. He was essentially the tool used to put an end to an era AND he killed tons of fan favorites with ease. Controversy is Superboy=Prime’s middle name.



Renegade with Letters
#13 – Xenomorphs

Alien (various movies, video games, and comic book titles 1979-now)

After watching the Alien movies in my youth, I was always deeply disturbed by the breeding process of the alien species that was eventually labelled as Xenomorphs. I was so disturbed I was almost enraged by the absolute violation of the human body (or whatever species’ body they came across) just so these things could reproduce. It turns out that I wasn’t alone in this feeling. The creators and designers of the alien’s body and life cycle intended on pressing the nerve buttons of audiences not only on a “Ohh, it’s a scary creature that’s gonna eat me” level but on a sexual taboo level as well. It adds a whole new level of psychological horror depicted in a way more natural and classier way than say… something like the Species movies which showcased an alien parading as a human whore. The inspiration behind the Alien design was a lithograph by a surrealist artist, H.R. Giger, titled “Necronom IV.” Giger was recruited to finalize the design into a believable alien but you can plainly see that the early work was described as biomechanical, skeletal, and… penis-y (That’s how I would describe it).

I’m going to pretend that no one has seen any of the movies and start from the basics. Like wasps or termites, Xenomorphs are hive-minded and eusocial caste system of interpreting base commands of survival and predation deriving from a matriarch or queen, which is able to lay eggs. That’s it: Survival and predation. They don’t think about anything else. It was once said the Xenomorphs were genetically manufactured as living weapons by an ancient alien race, and while the Alien prequel, Prometheus, disproves their intentional creation to a degree it also raises more questions than answers about their origins. In any case, the strangest thing about the Xenomorph is that the queen’s eggs do not give birth to a full-fledged Xenomorph but rather a spider-like creature commonly known as a “Facehugger.” The Facehugger’s job is to scout for any living creature, attach itself, and impregnate it through the mouth by inserting it’s “phallic appendage” (for lack of better term of something that resembles both male and female reproductive organs), and then dies. The victim would wake up moments later seemingly unharmed until the Xenomorph’s first form (or “Chestburster”) bursts from their chests after incubating and killing the host that was partially responsible for its creation. The term for an animal that gives birth inside of another animal resulting in its death is an “endoparasitoid” and it’s the fundamental thing about Xenomorphs that freaks me (and most people) out. One of the original script writers for Alien had quoted the means by which the aliens killed was pretty much symbolism of “homosexual oral rape” and that it was MEANT to discomfort (all but especially) male viewers.


The word Xenomorph can be roughly translated from Greek as “strange shape” or if you wanted to push it; “alien form.” This name is very significant but wasn’t coined until the sequel, Aliens, as a classification of the creatures and accepted as canon after it caught on with fans for Alien 3. Calling the “Aliens” Xenomorphs accurately depicts their many forms they can take and evolve from based on what lifeform’s genetic traits the Chestburster could develop from (and it’s kind of a lot more specific than the broad term of “alien.” So that’s why I like the term Xenomorph). We mostly see humans getting harvested but Facehuggers can “mate” with pretty much any living creature. In Alien 3 the Xenomorph is birthed from a dog and assumes a more slender quadruped form accordingly and a Predator Xenomorph hybrid is created from the same process with a Predator in the AVP series. What’s to stop a Xenomorph from taking on the “alien form” of a Gorilla or a Grizzly Bear… or another deadlier alien species? Some AVP video games, comics, and toys have explored these concepts but the movies have not outside of the dog and “Predalien.” The sky is the limit with potential new designs for these creepy bastards.


So far, I’ve only described why they (pretty much) disgust me, but when their Chestburster states mature they turn into perfect killing machines. First of all, their body heat can adapt and match it’s surrounding ambient temperature. They can also produce a liquid resin that can shape their environments into a form of dark biomechanical looking camouflage. These two abilities allow them to pretty much blend into their surroundings seamlessly and undetectable to the naked eye as well as thermo-optics so all they have to do is play the waiting game and ambush their prey. They are also remarkably stronger and faster than the hosts they are bred from. If someone happens to wound one their bodies are pressurized to spurt out their blood at maximum distances. This detail wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for their blood resembling highly corrosive hydrosulphuric acid that can quickly melt through metal. Their acid blood not only acts as an immediate defense mechanism but it is perfect for deterring attacks assuming it’s assailants are inside a spaceship and reluctant to cause an accidental hull breach during travel. Some but not all Xenomorphs have been shown spitting this acid as a projectile weapon. Another weapon from the mouth of the common Xenomorph is a secondary mouth tube that is used to quickly pierce skulls and feed on their victims (and is yet again; another part of their anatomy symbolizing both male and female reproductive organs… except with teeth!). And lastly Xenomorph’s almost always come packing a long blade-tipped tail that is crazy amounts of sharp and strong considering that a Xenomorph once impaled and lifted a Predator’s body with relative ease.

Aside from all their physical powers Xenomorphs are just plain crafty problem solvers through the use of observational learning. They can usually escape imprisonment or put humans at a disadvantage by learning how to operate machinery on a basic level. This ability is often shown off camera but also explains how they were able to cut the power to a human colony on planetoid LV-426 in Aliens. The Xenomorph Queen also appears to be a clever strategist having placed her Facehugger nest at the colony’s main power plant specifically so her attackers would be hesitant at the risk of destroying the entire facility in an attack against her. While the queen’s drones have no fear of death, they will certainly use your own against you. If anyone remembers, the Alien’s rivals of the Alien vs. Predator franchise ranked on this list at #55 as opposed to #13. The Xenomorph is by far the greater VILLAIN than the Predator because they lack the sense of honor that comes with the more advanced race of killers. While a Predator may be stronger and more than a match for a single Xeno, the Xenomorphs will assuredly be larger in numbers which would eventually result in either swarming death or a sacrificial bombing leaving no victor. As long as the queen survives the Xeno’s don’t really give a crap.


Renegade with Letters
#14 – Krang

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (various cartoons, comic books, and video games 1987-now)

Here is a character with a commonly misunderstood background. If you grew up watching the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon without reading Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird’s original Mirage Comics, you’d probably think that Krang, the brain-like alien from Dimension X, has always been around in the franchise’s mythos. If you watched the TMNT cartoon series that aired in 2003, you’d think Krang was an Utrom, a race of brain-like aliens that became allies to the Turtles. If you are a kid and watching the new Nickelodeon TMNT series that began in 2012, you’d probably think I was spelling Krang wrong and the “Kraang” are a race of brain-like aliens from Dimension X that are enemies of the Turtles. If you’ve only watched any or all of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies without really caring too much about TMNT in the first place, you’re probably thinking “Who the hell is Krang?” Well I have some answers for you! (No, No, No, and GTFO).

Okay, so Krang started off as a talking brain from Dimension X in the 1987 cartoon series. That was his first appearance, not the Mirage comics AKA the source of the TMNT. Although the original comics featured aliens that looked exactly like him piloting humanoid android bodies (exactly like him), Krang was mostly unrelated to Mirage’s Utroms but I will get back to that. While the 1987 cartoon was infinitely childish and downright moronic (80’s cartoon style!) it’s what made the TMNT franchise BOOM in success, so it holds a lot of weight in the fans eyes regardless. That being said, this Krang was established as a LIZARD-LIKE warlord of an army of rock soldiers from Dimension X. For whatever reason, “Lizard Krang” was banished from his home dimension into “ours” with his mobile battle station, the Technodrome, and lost his body in the process. Luckily for him, lizard warlords from Dimension X have the anatomical capability to speak, breathe, see, hear, eat, and operate machinery with just their face-brains (I guess). During his time on Earth, he allied himself with the Foot Clan (namely Shredder) and they shared their resources in hopes to respectfully help each other conquer both of their own dimensions. It’s silly that a ninja could just find a banished alien warlord and make an army of robots, mutants, and rock soldiers… but it’s badass (if not in practice, in theory). Also I have no idea why this cartoon would purposefully stray from Krang being an Utrom to the point of making him a lizard creature as his background while good source material was available, but it happened.

Shredder and Krang were notoriously bad partners in this series as they constantly bickered with one another in a comical fashion. Where the Shredder had long standing rivalry with the Turtles, Krang only thought of them as nuisances to get rid of and pretty much only cared to conquer Dimension X. It took five episodes of constant begging on Krang’s part for Shredder to finally build him a mechanical body of his design in which he could operate from the abdomen area (like the UTROMS!). Although this body was seriously goofy looking it proved to be just as threatening to the Turtles as Shredder’s fighting skills and mutant/robot army. It had many shape-altering/weaponizing functions (mostly in the arms), It could fly, grow to massive proportions (when it had a molecular control chip installed), and many other robot-like things you would expect. While he was never portrayed as “scary” or menacing in this children’s show, he was definitely creepy (because he was a bulbous veiny talking brain with a squiggly high pitched voice that sunk uncontrollably low at times… AKA incredible voice-acting).

While Krang did not officially return in the much more Mirage Comics-oriented cartoon in 2003, the Utroms were finally established beyond the comics. *SPOILER ALERT* (seriously this series was kinda good, try watching it as a whole). These inherently GOOD Utroms were aliens who had crash landed on Earth in feudal Japan many years ago largely due to an Utrom criminal, Ch’rell, tampering with the ship after escaping confinement. As the years pass, Ch’rell adopts the persona of Oroku Saki AKA the Shredder, learns ninjistsu while operating his humanoid armor, and amasses the Foot Clan as his loyal followers. That’s right. The Shredder in the 2003 cartoon was predominately an Utrom/Krang/brain-thing… Kinda bizarre but this “Utrom Shredder” was a merciless killer who destroyed the Turtles lives time and time again. The only reason I’m talking about Shredder during Krang’s highlight time is because in a way, the writers of the 2003 series obviously found a way to combine aspects of both Shredder and Krang into one super evil character and it worked gloriously. Some people hate Utrom Shredder, I say he’s awesome. Once the Utrom’s got ahold of Ch’rell, a trial was conducted finding him guilty of committing near genocide on at least two different alien worlds prior to crashing to Earth.

After that intense upgrade, Krang “downgraded” to a new low during the 2013 Nickelodeon TMNT cartoon by becoming not one character but a new alien race called the Kraang (which completely ignores the character gold that is Krang and the Utroms). I have not enjoyed this cheap monotone retro sci-fi interpretation so I will skip talking about it altogether in order to highlight my favorite version of Krang. The newest official comic book continuity of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles under IDW publishing has reestablished Krang as his own character while making him part of the Utrom race (See? That wasn’t so hard! Tons of confusion erased with that minor detail change). Unlike the super smart Krang from the 80’s, “General Krang” from IDW is a military tyrant bent on enslaving other worlds and commanding scientists to build his army and create fun destructive technology for him. That means instead of engineering space-age technology himself he could scare someone shitless into building it for him through his iron will and commanding presence. This Krang was the son of the former ruler of planet Utrominon, Quannin, a vicious dictator (and father) who damned the planet to destruction and left the Utrom race near extinct. After Quannin’s death, Krang made it his purpose to rebuild the Utrom Empire and fix his crazed fathers mistake while his people remained in stasis. After years spent ravaging different planets he conducted a war for slaves on the planet Neutrino while employing Baxter Stockman on Earth to find a means of developing expendable mutant soldiers.

When the front on Neutrino failed, Krang focused his efforts on building the Technodrome on Earth, which in this context acted as a planetary terraformer that he would use to wipe out the human race and make Earth habitable for his remaining people. IDW’s Krang took a lot of “take no prisoners” pages from 2003’s Utrom Shredder while retaining the likeness of the 80’s Krang to a degree (but WAY more menacing and practical). So why is Krang such an awesome villain? You can’t really go wrong with a creepy-ass sadistic brain alien controlling an Iron Man-like suit of armor packing an arsenal of heavy weaponry. On top of that, he leads soldiers made of stone and rock. That’s an army of Things from the Fantastic Four with lazer guns. It’s also stunning to see such a small creature wreak so much havoc on so many planets (the 2003 Ch’rell and the IDW version especially. They have the blood of multiple planets on their… tentacles). Then just look at the Technodrome and all of it’s glory… That’s his house for goodness sake!



#15 – Dr. Doom

Fantastic Four (various comic book titles, movies, cartoons, and video games 1962-now)

The name says it all, right? Dr. Doom is Marvel’s most iconic genre spanning villain and with good reason. He was originally conceived as a genius rival of Reed Richards, AKA Mr. Fantastic, and arch-nemesis to the Fantastic Four but in his lifetime he’s put up fights with Spider-Man, tons of Avengers teams, and basically all of the greats. He has no powers except the brilliance and craftiness of his own mind coupled with a vast amount of wealth. How smart is he? Well, he was the first person in the Marvel Universe to invent a time machine (this was in the 1960’s during his first appearance) without the aid of alien or future technology paving the way.doom
Victor von Doom was born into a cadre of gypsies in the fictitious European country of Latveria. His mother, Cynthia, was considered a “witch” and his father, Werner, was a medicine man. In young Victor’s eyes they represented perfection in the arts of mysticism and science. When Victor was still a boy, Cynthia’s life was taken by Mephisto, the representation of the devil in the Marvel Universe, as the result of her gypsy sorceress lifestyle. On top of that, Werner was accused of murdering the Baron of Latveria’s wife when he failed to save her life from cancer. Werner died while on the run from the Baron’s forces while Victor combined the arts of his parents to develop ways to defend his gypsy camp from the Baron. Eventually the news of his accomplishments traveled to the United States and Empire State University offered him an opportunity to develop his talented mind at their campus.

At ESU, von Doom roomed with Reed Richards and attempted to develop a device that allowed it’s user to speak to the dead with hopes of seeing his parents again. In the early days it was believed that Victor had wrongfully programmed the device which resulted in an explosion as a highlight of his arrogance in defying Reed Richards when he offered some suggestions, but it was later stated that Ben Grimm, the future Thing, had secretly tampered with it prior to it’s use. Regardless of whose fault it truly was; Victor’s face was left “disfigured” by the explosion and he blamed Richards. His face has rarely been fully revealed since the blast (at least in the comics) but Doom’s co-creator, Jack Kirby, argued that the disfigurement was merely a tiny scratch on his face but due to his obsession with physical and mental perfection, Victor regarded it as a hideous flaw that needed to be hidden as a form of body dysmorphic disorder. It was later written that despite this theory; his face was completely damaged while donning his self-forged armor and applying the metallic mask piece on too soon before it was able to cool (which scalded the metal onto his flesh, but I’m guessing he took it like a champ). After traveling the world and making his “Dr. Doom” armor in the Tibetan mountains, Victor returned to Latveria and seized his power as it’s absolute dictator all before attacking the Fantastic Four with a lame 60’s style time traveling plot.

In his earliest comic book appearances, Doom discovered an alien race called the Ovids that taught him a mental technique to transfer his consciousness into other bodies with extreme concentration, he also siphoned the Power Cosmic from the Silver Surfer for a short time through technological means, and attempted to regain that power by trying the same trick on another herald of Galactus; Terrax the Tamer. Unfortunately his body was destroyed by Terrax and only survived by using his Ovid mind transferring ability and later getting his old body reconstituted by a cosmic being called the Beyonder just in time for the mega event, the Secret Wars. During this storyline Doom ends up using Galactus’ planet eating ship to siphon off the powers of the Beyonder unto himself yet again practically making him omnipotent. Eventually the Beyonder fooled him into giving the power up and reverted back to a mortal human being again… Because it’s the Beyonder, what are you gonna do, right?

Dr. Doom was also among the Avengers and Fantastic Four when they sacrificed themselves by jumping into a portal created by Franklin Richards intended to eradicate the psionic energy body of Onslaught. Doom and the heroes were not dead, just remolded into Franklin Richards’ “Counter-Earth” reality he created as a pocket dimension (Franklin can warp time and space like that… I guess). Eventually the heroes returned to the regular reality (probably because the Heroes Reborn thing didn’t sit too well with fans) and Doom was able to seize control of Franklin’s made up world simply by convincing him to hand it over (then he left, probably realizing how lame Counter-Earth was like the fans did). Sometime after that, Doom attempted to broker a deal with demons that ended up backfiring and condemning himself to hell. Coincidentally, this event took place close to the time Ragnarok happened on Asgard and Thor was legitimately dead for a while which allowed Doom to grab ahold of Thor’s hammer as it was aimlessly soaring through different dimensions. Although Doom isn’t considered worthy to lift the hammer, he was able to piggyback ride it back to Earth. Just a day in the life of Victor von Doom…


Since then Doom has been seen mostly as a political figure who is equally respected and feared by heroes alike. He’s had shaky alliances with the Red Skull, Namor, Loki, and the rest of Norman Osborn’s Cabal. He’s went to war with Wakanda in order to secure their supply of vibranium metal (which was said to have the potential to enhance his magical abilities on top of it being an indestructible sound-absorbing metal) and as a result severely injured T’Challa into temporarily retiring from being the Black Panther. He was also seen manipulating and being engaged to the Scarlet Witch after her episode of amnesia following the events of House of M in order to siphon off her reality altering mutant powers unto himself. That’s what makes him cool. He doesn’t need superpowers, he just steals them from everybody else. Doom was also recently betrayed by the Intelligencia, a group of Marvel’s smartest brain trust of supervillains, when he basically told them that he was more intelligent than all of them combined.

As a result of the Leader leeching on his brain during Intelligencia’s betrayal, Doom was left brain damaged and forced to join the Fantastic Four’s Future Foundation in order to repair the mental damage. Even though Doom despises Reed Richards, it’s no surprise that he would at times fight beside him (brain damaged or not). Doom has a strong sense of honor and is often depicted as a hero just as much as he is a villain. Truth be told, the people of Latveria love Doom as their dictator and it’s a thriving nation. All he really wants to do is free his mother from Mephisto, prove he’s better than Richards, and rule the world under order as it’s savior (which he would probably be really good at if it weren’t for his biggest flaw in letting too much power go to his head.)

Oh yeah, he’s also died like a billion times but it’s almost always retconned by explaining that the Doom that died was a robot duplicate Doombot that he created with an artificial intelligence matching his own… But that’s more of an annoyance than anything else.


Warner Brothers Has Announced DC Comics Movie Schedule Through 2020


If DC and Marvel are flashing dicks, DC just laid theirs on the table.

At this year’s Time Warner Investors Day, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujuhara laid out Warner and DC’s Cinematic Battle plan to take on Marvel at the cinema. Earlier this year we learned that DC had plan to release a ton of films between now and 2020, but today we were given not only a full list of those movies, but even some announcements as to who will be playing some of our favorite heroes!

Here’s the official press release:

As part of his presentation, Tsujihara announced a bold expansion of the industry’s broadest theatrical slate, built around the largest, most important global franchises. Warner Bros. Pictures will release three LEGO-branded films over the next four years, building upon the enormous success of this year’s “The LEGO Movie” ($468 million worldwide box office), starting with “Ninjago” in 2016, directed by Charlie Bean and produced by Dan Lin, Roy Lee, Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Batman will take a star turn in “The LEGO Batman Movie” in 2017, directed by Chris McKay, and the sequel, “The LEGO Movie 2,” will debut in 2018. 

The Studio will release three pictures, in 2016, 2018 and 2020, based on best-selling author J.K. Rowling’s original story and screenwriting debut, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” Set in an extension of her familiar wizarding world, featuring magical creatures and characters inspired by Harry Potter’s Hogwarts textbook and its fictitious author, Newt Scamander, “Fantastic Beasts” will be directed by David Yates, who directed the last four Harry Potter movies, and reunite the filmmaking team of David Heyman, J.K. Rowling, Steve Kloves and Lionel Wigram. 

And, in a massive expansion of the Studio’s DC Entertainment-branded content, Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema will release a slate of at least 10 movies–as well as stand-alone Batman and Superman films–from 2016 through 2020 that expands this prized universe of characters: 

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” directed by Zack Snyder (2016) 

“Suicide Squad,” directed by David Ayer (2016) 

“Wonder Woman,” starring Gal Gadot (2017) 

“Justice League Part One,” directed by Zack Snyder, with Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Amy Adams reprising their roles (2017) 

“The Flash,” starring Ezra Miller (2018) 

“Aquaman,” starring Jason Momoa (2018) 

“Shazam” (2019) 

“Justice League Part Two,” directed by Zack Snyder (2019) 

“Cyborg,” starring Ray Fisher (2020) 

“Green Lantern” (2020)

As a DC fan….I’m having heart palpitations. Suicide Squad?! Ezra Miller is the Flash?! A Cyborg standalone?! Great Caesar’s Ghost!

I can only imagine the amount of hype and disdain this announcement shall bring, so stay tuned here at ACR as the news continues to develop!


#16 – Mumm-Ra

Thundercats (various cartoons and comic books, 1985-2011)

Ancient Spirits of Evil! Transform this decayed form to MUMM-RA, THE EVER-LIVING!” Yep: badass. All jokes aside, Mumm-Ra is a force to be reckoned with. Although the original Thundercats cartoon from the 80’s was very cheaply underdeveloped feeling in terms of story (it was a kid show no matter how seriously we look at it), it had incredible concepts one can take pieces of and improve upon. This happened when a brand new animated series of the Thundercats came to life in 2011 but was, in my opinion, WRONGFULLY cancelled after its first season because its lack of merchandizing sales… But damn, was it good. While the original show had its flaws, Mumm-Ra was intensely awesome in both re-imaginings regardless.

mumm_ra_high_res__by_thezork-d5wj8msOriginally the Thundercats came from a distant planet called Thundera until they were forced to leave via spaceship as their home world exploded until they crash-landed on “Third Earth.” I believe Third Earth is meant to be a future interpretation of the Earth we now live on only after one or two cycles of apocalyptic events and humanity’s attempts to rebuild. When the Thundercats arrive on the planet with the coveted and powerful Sword of Omens, Mumm-Ra, an ancient decrepit magical mummy residing in a pyramid presumably in what used to be Egypt, is alerted to their presence and allies himself with the Thundercats alien attackers, the Mutants. After the mutants fail to claim the Sword of Omens, they brashly taunt Mumm-Ra into stealing it himself. Unaware of his ability to call upon the Ancient Spirits of Evil to transform his… decayed form into a muscular all powerful sorcerer form, the Mutants were quickly put in their place after witnessing his potentially all-powerful might at hand. Although he was crazy powerful, this version of Mumm-Ra had two main weaknesses; 1. The sight of his own reflection somehow reverted him back to a weakened state, and 2. His “Ever-Living” form (as well as his many other disguisable forms) quickly drained him of the mystical energies used to maintain the forms causing him to constantly hibernate within his sarcophagus to rejuvenate.

Aside from the need for constant replenishment, his lifespan seems to be infinite even claiming that he is the “ever-living source of evil” and that as long as evil exists he would not die. Despite being immensely more powerful than all the Thundercats combined, Mumm-Ra would always find ways to be defeated (especially because the Sword of Omens refused to work properly in his hands because of a mystical enchantment banning its use in an evil manner… But that didn’t stop him from trying OVER and OVER again). Over the course of time, Mumm-Ra was granted more evil power by the Ancient Spirits (even overcoming his reflection weakness permanently) and eventually ended up switching the roles of his masters and subjugated the Ancient Spirits under his command. In a comic book adaptation continuing the story of the original cartoon, Mumm-Ra took over the planet New Thundera and enslaved the Thunderian populace in Lion-O’s absence. Speaking of comics, an origin story was given to Mumm-Ra in his time as a human living in ancient Egypt. As a human his name was Wahankh and he attempted to overthrow the pharaoh by selling his soul to the Ancient Spirits of Evil gaining their supernatural powers. Somehow the pharaoh defeated his ultra-powerful form and condemned Wahankh to “death” by locking him in a pyramid. However Wahankh was immortal thanks to the Spirits although they refused to help him out of the pyramid viewing his defeat as a tribute to his own incompetence.

Enough of the old stuff though, here is where it gets good! In 2011, Mumm-Ra strayed away from the 80’s style supervillain-type that never learned from his mistakes and became a RUTHLESS COSMIC THREAT. This version was a super bat-like humanoid that flew around in a giant pyramid-like spaceship that housed tons of alien races he had enslaved. All the races were humanoid Earth animals from different planets like the Lizards, Cats, Dogs, Elephants, Birds, and whatnot. In this continuity, the Thundercats originally served Mumm-Ra as his personal army that enslaved the other races he came by as he searched for four powerful objects called… (wait for it…) Power Stones! In a surprisingly adult level of horrific-ness, Mumm-Ra used a star to forge and weaponize one of the Power Stones which caused the star to explode WIPING OUT AN ENTIRE STAR SYSTEM! Think about that for a little bit… That’s multiple planetary acts of genocide just to make a weapon to kill MORE people with. I told you Mumm-Ra was no joke! Seeing this act as the ultimate injustice, the leader of the Cats, Leo (ancestor of Lion-O), had the Sword of Omens created to house the “War Stone” in its hilt to be used against Mumm-Ra and led a rebellion against him resulting in the pyramid crashing to Third Earth. Here the animals could go their own ways free from Mumm-Ra’s dormant rule and form their own cultures over time. Eventually the history of these events were long forgotten until Grune the Destroyer betrayed the Thundercats and reawakened Mumm-Ra to further ally themselves with the subjectable race of Lizards.

With an army of Lizards using Mumm-Ra’s forgotten space-age technology the Cat’s kingdom of Thundera was toppled in one night. Now that his Power Stones have been scattered throughout Third Earth, Mumm-Ra has made it his mission to acquire them one by one and rebuild his empire as well as become the most powerful being in existence. This Mumm-Ra’s weakness was switched from being frightened of his reflection to burning in direct sunlight like a vampire. Although the 2011 Mumm-Ra was astronomically more direct about showing no mercy, he was more reliant on his subjects because of his daylight weakness. Midway through the season Mumm-Ra recruited homicidal mercenary generals Kaynar and Addicus (formerly known as Jackalman and Monkian) to do his bidding along with Slythe of the Lizards and Grune. Additionally at some point in time, Mumm-Ra recruited Pumyra as one of his minions and used her to infiltrate the Thundercats and earn the trust of Lion-O. It was pretty shocking when this was revealed because the series was gearing her in the direction of the main love interest before her betrayal. So we can add cock-blocking to Mumm-Ra’s list of villainous acts. 2011’s Thundercats definitely wasn’t the Thundercats of yesteryear (yesterdecade?) and all for the better. I WISH IT WASN’T PREMATURELY CANCELLED!!!!