DEADPOOL Test Footage Has Been Leaked!

Dp test footage 4

We did a little digging to validate that this is in fact real footage, and it totally is! The rumor circulating is that this footage was shown secretly at SDCC, which is not true, the footage you are about to see has actually been around for quite some time–it just so happened to leak shortly after Comic Con.

The mostly CGI footage features the voice of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, and will surely convert haters into true-believers–It’s Deadpool through and through. Check out this video, and read on afterwards for more info:

So you’re probably wondering where this came from. In development of a Deadpool film, Director Tim Miller was attached to bring it to life. Upon his hiring, Miller put together this piece to show executives exactly what a Deadpool film could look like. Does it mean the Deadpool film is coming out next year? No. But it does mean several really great things:

  1. With speculation that Ryan Reynolds is mostly likely going to reprise his role as Deadpool, this is extremely reassuring because he is great in this teaser.
  2. They get Deadpool. He broke the fourth wall and told a guy he was pregnant in less than a minute.
  3. Now that this has leaked, and has generated such a buzz online, FOX is probably going to take this into consideration moving forward.

What do you folks think? Is this test footage enough to pique interest in the franchise?

Peter Capaldi Has One Word For You

A new brand of Doctor is coming our way on August 23rd. Sure, Whovians would like to see more footage then what we are getting, but somehow these short little teasers have told us all we’ve wanted to know.

Peter Capaldi’s Doc is older, and seemingly much wiser (at least that’s what he wants you to think in that meditative posture).

With less than a month away, we here at ACR are eagerly anticipating the new Doctor, are you?

Stay tuned for all of your Doctor who updates!


Renegade with Letters
#38 – Sentinels

X-Men (various comic book titles, tv shows, movies, and video games 1965-now)

I thought about placing Skynet from the Terminator movie franchise on this list but I determined that the Sentinels from X-Men were way too similar. On the accounts that the Sentinels came first and that they have a more “colorful” history I opted for them instead. That being said the Sentinels are machines with an artificial intelligence that has only sometimes become sentient in a few models, therefore they don’t offer a lot of unique character traits but rather represent an idea as tools of the “enemies” of mutantkind in the Marvel Universe.

In a classic Stan Lee set up, the Sentinels were first introduced after Professor Charles Xavier and Dr. Bolivar Trask engaged in a television debate on the safety of mankind when it came to mutants inheriting the Earth. Trask had created the Sentinels intended to be the mechanical protectors of humankind against the mutant threat… only the ORIGINAL Sentinels obeyed their programming too well and ruled that the best way to protect mankind was to take control of them as well as the mutants. After the Sentinels attempted to kill both Xavier and Trask, the X-Men were directed to Master Mold, a towering primary Sentinel which acted as a Sentinel producing factory. Bolivar quickly saw the error in his ways and ended up sacrificing himself to destroy Master Mold and undo the wrongs he had done.

Since then the Sentinel legacy has been revived by Larry Trask (Bolivar’s son), Stephen Lang, and the United States government’s Project Wideawake ran by Henry Peter Gyrich and Valerie Cooper who purchased the Sentinels from Shaw Industries (which was a company led by the mutant Sebastian Shaw…  He’s mostly an asshole). The Project Wideawake Sentinels are the most recognized models that had gigantic clunky bodies and were shown in the 90’s X-Men Animated Series. While these Sentinels never “disobeyed” their base programming, they still served as a reminder of mankind’s mistrust of mutants in the biggest way.

It wasn’t until the Days of Future Past storyline that reintroduced the idea of the Sentinels “evolving” their programming and ended up causing an alternate future timeline where man and mutant were both nearly wiped off the face of the planet. The recent movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past, explains that the Sentinels in this timeline could adapt to and redirect mutant powers (becoming seemingly unstoppable) through experimentation and implementation of Mystique’s shapeshifting mutant ability into their design. This method of technological marvel may or may not have been used to create what the comics refer to as Nimrod, a similarly unstoppable Omega Sentinel that followed Rachel Grey (not Wolverine!) into the main Marvel Universe’s timestream. Nimrod is the pinnacle of everything the X-Men stand against because of its mutative adapting ability and it’s representation of generations hate and fear embodied within it. Plus there’s like a million of them in the Days of Future Past future (which is freaking scary!). This single Nimrod shapeshifted into a human to first observe the times culture, fought to a standstill against Juggernaut, was temporarily destroyed by Rogue (using the combined powers of Colossus, Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde, and the residing powers she kept from Ms. Marvel), and severely injured a combined team of X-Men and the Hellfire Club at the same time (two Hellfire members died).

After fusing with the remaining pieces of Master Mold’s body and artificial intelligence, Nimrod further evolved into a human-like Prime Sentinel known as Bastion, who posed as a government agent and re-implemented Project Wideawake. During this era mutants were blamed for the loss of the Avengers and Fantastic Four at the hands of Onslaught. A zero tolerance policy was placed on mutants and they were actively hunted by Human-Sentinels altered by nanobots as sleeper agents. Most recently Nimrod/Bastion used alien technology to resurrect a committee of mutant hating human villains and attacked the X-Men during the Second Coming when they were protecting the “mutant messiah” Hope Summers. In this story arc, Bastion opened a portal with seemingly infinite Nimrods from an alternate timeline to attack the X-Men. After personally killing Nightcrawler, Bastion was ultimately destroyed by Hope.

All in all, the Sentinels are a critique on the human condition in regards to going too far when it comes to self-preservation. Humanity has the tendency to shoot first and ask questions later when it comes to something it doesn’t fully understand. Sentinels are a metaphorical “nuclear deterrent” ante up to a threat that humanity fears before even attempting to coexist with. In a way the Sentinels are why HUMANITY itself is the X-Men’s greatest enemy in that they will forever struggle to defend a world that hates and fears them.



It’s official, the Guardians are getting a sequel!

During the Marvel Studios panel at SDCC tonight, Director James Gunn and actor Chris Pratt revealed the news in a video broadcast from London.

“It’s time the kids took over the candy store,” said Gunn.

There was then a motion title shown, where the number 2 was scribbled over the Guardians of the Galaxy logo:

Photo courtesy of @superhero-news on Instagram

Photo courtesy of on Instagram

We here at ACR are ecstatic to hear this news! Stay tuned for more SDCC updates!

Comic Con: AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Footage Description


We now have a description of some Avengers footage aired at SDCC tonight! Once again, thanks to the fine folks over at SuperHeroHype, we have this bit of description:

“It’s the Avengers, hanging out together. They’re out of costumes and all trying to lift Thor’s hammer, Tony can’t do it. He tries again with an Iron Man hand, He still can’t. Even with War Machine’s help he still can’t. Neither can Banner. Cap moves it a little! A big noise distracts them, It’s an old suit, moving like a zombie, entering the room. It’s Ultron! “There’s only one path to peace,” he says, “Your extinction!” Then, A montage of scenes. Black Widow in her new suit with blue lining, Banner in a straightjacket? Tanks fighting in the snow…”It’s the end,” says Stark. “The end of the path I started us on.” “Nothing lasts forever,” says Widow. Hulkbuster armor, going toe-to-toe with Hulk! “Look,” says Ultron, seemingly in his finished form, “No string on me”. Tony in what looks like a wasteland. All the Avengers are lying, bruised and beaten before him”

Sounds absolutely amazing! More as it comes, so stay tuned here at ACR!

Comic Con: The ANT-Man Teaser Footage Description

500201695f959As usual, we can’t have access to the footage leaked at the Marvel Studios panel, but the description is good enough to build a little Ant-Man hype. Silas Lesnick of SuperHeroHype writes:

We see beakers filled with colored liquids, A glass cage with an anthill inside. We hear Rudd (Scott Lang) and Douglas (Hank Pym) talking. Pym tells Lang that he wants him to be Ant-Man because he’s a “regular guy,” Lang is terrified. “Geez Lang,” says Pym, “You’d think someone only shrunk your balls.” It cuts to a rooftop. Ant-Man is there, tiny. It looks like he’s being pursued by full-size people. An Ant lands and Lang climbs on his back, still terrified. Pym talks to Lang through the helmet, guiding him. It looks like the helmet is damaged and Lang is having some trouble. It looks like he’s inside a computer maybe, and Pym tells him to run and he jumps off a huge ledge. A flying Ant catches him as he falls and the logo comes up!

Flying ants? Michael Douglas says “balls”? Sounds intriguing enough! Stay tuned here at ACR for updates as they come!