Xbox One Getting A Holiday Price Cut


Gamers will be praying for mercy as their wallets are being emptied this holiday season. A plethora of great AAA games are on the way, everything from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to Farcry 4 will be hitting store shelves during the month of November. Some of you are probably thinking now would be a great time to upgrade to a new console and you’d be right, especially if you’re looking at Xbox One.

Starting November 2nd and running through until January 3rd Microsoft will be offering their console for $349.99 or $449.99 depending on if you want Kinect or not. That’s $50 off the face value right off the bat, but the value doesn’t stop there. Microsoft is offering the price cut on the numerous holiday bundles they have announced as well. These include the Sunset Overdrive bundle, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare bundle, and the Assassin’s Creed Unity bundle. So not only are you getting an Xbox One for $50 off, but you can also get a free game to boot.

Of special note is the Assassin’s Creed Unity bundle, it includes Assassin’s Creed Unity AND Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag. That’s two blockbuster games for free! This is an excellent time to upgrade to an Xbox One, there are are ton  of great exclusives either coming out or already on store shelves.  So take the plunge gamers and jump into the new generation!

Destiny’s First Expansion “The Dark Below” Gets A Release Date

Bungie has given us some new details on their first expansion for Destiny, including its release date. Starting December 9th you will be able to access The Dark Below, which grants you access to brand new Crucible maps, new strikes, weapons, and armor. The expansion will carry a price of $19.99 USD when purchased by itself. If you bought the $35 expansion pass you will already have access to the expansion, as well as the second expansion which is set for release sometime in 2015.

The Dark Below will raise the light level cap to 32 and will also allow you take take on 5 more bounties at a time, which brings the total number to 10 bounties at anyone time. The Dark Below will feature a brand new story-line which will focus on the Hive god Crota. There will also be a new strike mission, 3 new PvP arenas, and a bevy of new equipment for you to try out. Playstation gamers will be getting an additional new strike mission on top of the one that will be appearing on all platforms. Destiny will also be getting its second 6 player raid with the expansion. Prepare yourselves guardians, time to get back on the grind!

MARVEL’S BLACK PANTHER To Star Chadwick Boseman


We’ve now learned that actor Chadwick Boseman, most known for portraying Jackie Robinson in the film 42, will take on the titular role of Marvel’s Black Panther!


A Black Panther film has been long rumored, but also a well kept secret over at Marvel. Black Panther is also known as T’Challa, the chief of the Panther Tribe in the African nation of Wakanda. Though he will eventually join the Avengers, Black Panther’s sole purpose is to protect his people.

You can also view the concept art for the characters iconic suit, which was debuted at todays Marvel media event, so it’s pretty safe to say it will look very similar in the film:



We here at ACR are pretty excited to see such a fresh young face get a shot at the big leagues, and we are pumped to welcome Chadwick into the MCU. What do you think, Marvel fans? Do you dig this casting choice?

Stay tuned here at ACR for more Marvel updates!

‘Avengers 3,’ ‘Captain Marvel,’ And ‘Black Panther’ CONFIRMED


Hot off the heels of yesterday’s announcement that Benedict Cumberbatch will play Marvel’s Doctor Strange, Marvel has released even more information as to their upcoming movie slate, and it’s huge!

Marvel held an exclusive media event today, and at said event they revealed their plans for phase three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only have we now confirmed that Captain America 3 will be based upon the popular Civil War story line, we have also confirmed some new heavy hitters to enter the ‘verse. Check out the full list of movies:

Avengers: Age of Ultron: May 1, 2015

Ant-Man: July 17, 2015

Captain America 3: Civil War: May 6, 2016

Doctor Strange: November 4, 2016

Guardians of the Galaxy 2: May 5, 2017

Thor 3: Ragnarok: July 28, 2017

Black Panther: November 3, 2017

Captain Marvel: July 6, 2018

Inhumans: November 2, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War, Part 1: May 4, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War, Part 2: May 3, 2019

A photo taken at the event.

A photo taken at the event.

Yep. Black Panther, The Inhumans, and Captain Marvel are joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and The Avengers 3 is coming at you in two parts, Twilight-style.

We realize this is a ton of awesome all at once, so we’ll let you soak it all in. More as it develops!



Renegade with Letters
Woah! Hold up!

Hey everybody, with the villains list coming to an end soon (and I am definitely happier for that), I thought I’d take a quick step back and look at some people who didn’t make it onto the list. These are mostly characters that I like or respect but maybe there isn’t enough to write about them or they resembled someone else that I already had on the list a little too much. There are so many good villains out there…. so many that I divided my honorable mentions into two parts. Anyway, take a look at the first batch:

Doll Maker (Batman)
Creepy as hell. Made a mask out of the face of his dead cannibal father that he used to watch eat people. Need I say more?

Lady Shiva and Bronze Tiger (DC Comics)
Love these two characters but outside of being amazing fighters/assassins what are they? I pretty much covered the awesome martial arts expert article with Shiva from Streets of Rage and even then there wasn’t much to go with. Although to be fair; these two have tons of more depth and background information than a Sega Genesis boss fight. I suppose I chose the one I grew up with at an earlier age more than anything.

Mad Hatter (Batman)
A nastier and creepier villain than most might think. The Batman Animated Series did his stalker-iffic persona justice as he obsessed over a girl coincidentally named Alice but the New 52 took things a bit further by having him mind control a majority of Gotham’s populace into reenacting his favorite childhood day spent with a girl named Alice from his youth. Anyone who acted out of character got a bullet hole in the head or was beaten to death by the Hatter who was riddled with experimental steroids as a result of his Hypogonadasm as a child. With a severe lack of testosterone, his body wasn’t able to fully develop at an early age. This condition left him resembling a disfigured dwarf as the drugs took a heavy toll on his mental stability. After killing Alice for becoming an “imperfect” resident of a trailer park AND killing his replacement “Alices” he mind controlled his extras into drowning themselves in the Gotham Bay.

Honors2Atum the Demogorge (Marvel Comics)
Here’s an interesting concept; a being that EATS GODS. Wish I knew more about him though. When I dove into the research it directed me to a place in the Marvel Universe that I was unaccustomed to and a bit overwhelmed (and that almost never happens when it comes to comics!). He had a role in Marvel’s Secret Invasion as part of HerculesGod Squad… and he ate a Skrull God. Pretty sweet.

Hobgoblin (Spider-Man)
I wasn’t ever too familiar with the original Hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley. But the more recent one who first attempted to be a heroic version of the Green Goblin, Phil Urich, reminded me of a more human Peter Parker-like jokester who didn’t have any long-term agenda like so many other villains. He was just a guy trying to get by as hired super powered muscle for the bad guys and found himself in over his head occasionally. Plus his Hobgoblin design was awesome.

Shuma Gorath (Dr. Strange)
Singular-eyed demon squid creature? Of course I love it! Shuma Gorath is an “Ancient One” from the “Chaos Dimension” meaning he’s all-powerful and he likes to mess stuff up. His physical form is actually indescribable in that he resembles your greatest fear while gazing upon him. I would love to see this quirky thing in a live action Dr. Strange film (and we just might). Can you imagine him breaking through a dimensional barrier and squiggling around New York? Throw in his raspy-but-slimy voice that he has in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and I’ll suddenly appreciate magic.

Galactus (Fantastic Four/Marvel Comics)
I count Galactus as somewhat not a villain in the sense that he has a higher purpose beyond good or evil. He’s really a force of nature or an act of God more than anything. He eats planets and doesn’t give a crap about lesser beings, sure, but his ultimate purpose in his origin makes him out to be a necessary evil so that the universe will rebirthed from his death when there are no planets left for him to consume (inevitably recreating and consuming countless lifeforms in an ongoing cycle). His coming is a natural occurrence in the vast scheme of things no matter how dramatic the effects may be. But I guess he can be a jerk about it sometimes?

BREAKING: Benedict Cumberbatch Is DOCTOR STRANGE!

fan art provided by deviantart user: pappersflygplan

fan art provided by deviantart user: pappersflygplan

The myth, the man, the legend known as Benedict Cumberbatch-the guy who literally every comic book fan associates with almost every role ever, is now a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Let’s take a deep breath and say it together:

*Inhale* Benedict Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange…*Exhale*

It’s hard not to write this with the affect of a giddy school boy, but sweet lord…this one gave me palpitations.

Doctor Strange is a character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, making his first appearance in Marvel’s “Strange Tales” comics circa 1963. Dr. Stephen Strange is a brilliant neurosurgeon who, after a debilitating automobile accident, embarks on a strange path to become a Master of the Dark Arts.

Played by Benedict f*cking Cumberbatch.

While no release date has been set, the film appears to be set for July 8th, 2016, a release date that Marvel has already booked.


Renegade with Letters
#11 –Lex Luthor

Action Comics (various comic book titles, tv shows, cartoons, films, and video games, 1940-now)

Aside from the Ultra-Humanite, Lex Luthor along with the Joker, who was introduced in the same month/year, was the OG (original gangsta) supervillain of comic book history. However, the 1940’s wasn’t quite the time of intricate well thought out writing and professionalism we see today in comics, so naturally Luthor resembled a completely different person in his first appearances (for the worse). Luthor started out as a mad scientist with red hair who used futuristic technology (even living in a flying fortress) to cause war between the world’s nations for no real reason. By today’s standards that kind of depth would be considered a joke. Thanks to an artist’s mistake of drawing him bald and several adaptations to the character, Lex has gone on to become DC’s most recognizable mega-villain.

Nowadays Luthor resembles the apex-intelligent archetype of comic book roles like Dr. Doom, Iron Man, and Batman (probably having been an influence in all of those character’s super intellectual aspects in the long run). He has no superpowers other than his superior mind and whatever he decides to build or plan with it. Every once in a while Luthor will don his Iron Man-like exosuit to even the odds of brawn vs. brawn with his arch-nemesis, Superman, but the thing that makes Luthor unique is his politically correct public persona. First of all, Luthor doesn’t hide behind a typical costumed dual identity (mostly because his intellectual prowess feeds his enormous ego to gargantuan proportions) but his true juxtaposition is comparing the Luthor the public knows against the Luthor behind closed doors. For Batman, outing a criminal by any means necessary isn’t a problem, but Superman plays by the rules and it proves to be a more difficult task to match wits with the silver tongue of Luthor especially when the public adores him.

His origin stories have varied but the one constant is; (whether or not he has humanity’s best interests in mind) the “real Lex Luthor” greatly despises Superman for nonchalantly tossing aside the rules of human limitations with ease and becoming a self-proclaimed savior (a role Luthor would have been more suitable for given his hard earned credibility). I think in many ways this is what makes Luthor so relatable despite his enormous ego and unrealistic knowledge of everything that is science; He is human. Superman is an alien-made-God in the form of a popular, handsome, quarterback-type with arrogance to boot. Luthor has to go through human struggles like the rest of us but no matter how self-made, charitable, or sacrificing Luthor is, he is still but an ant in a world where Superman exists (and that PISSES HIM OFF!!). He’s more of a symbolic criticism of the hero rather than a full-fledged “bad guy.” Although due to his uncontrollable ego, his noble intentions are always corrupted into taking a darker path out of jealousy. When it comes down to helping humanity out or killing Superman; he’ll choose killing Superman every time.

The modern age Lex was evolved from mad scientist to a corporate businessman type in the 80’s (the epitome of bad guys for the times). Originally Lex was an abused child of poverty in the slums of Metropolis who used the little inheritance money he got from his parents deaths to further his education and build his business, LexCorp, as a self-made man. In later re-writes, Luthor is born from a wealthy family and even becomes friends with a younger Clark Kent while spending some of his adolescent years in Smallville (…like how he was in the show “Smallville”). Once his father dies, he returns to Metropolis and starts LexCorp, which is so powerful on a corporate level that it controls the media in Luthor’s best image. Once Superman arrives, The Daily Planet, a rival in the media, steals some of Luthor’s glory which immediately sparks some hatred towards him because of his loosened grip on the people of Metropolis as its publicized hero. In this modern telling, Luthor is responsible for the creation of 3 super powered villains of Superman (Metallo, Bizarro, and indirectly Parasite). After wearing a kryptonite ring as protection for so long, Luthor manages to contract terminal cancer from the radiation it produces. After faking his death, cloning his own body, and selling his soul to a demon; Luthor turns himself over to trial in which he is found acquitted of all accounts of prior villainy because of falsified evidence that a rouge Cadmus scientist had cloned him and did awful things in his image (I’ll have to remember that one if I ever go to court…).

Now that he had a clean slate, Luthor went into politics in the early 2000’s era. When Gotham City was destroyed by an earthquake, Luthor jumped in to help rebuild which he in turn used to acquire the deeds to a majority of the land in his name. When Bruce Wayne protested against this and Luthor’s run for presidency, Luthor arranged for Bruce’s love interest to be assassinated which also framed Bruce for the murder. Lex’s time as the President of the United States can be seen in interpretations of the Justice League Unlimited cartoon and the comic based animated movie, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. Although both radically different, both President Luthor adaptations are very strong villains that ultimately turn the army (and/or some of the superhero community) against the Justice League’s heavy hitters. In the Public Enemies story Luthor injects himself with a Venom steroid/liquid Kryptonite hybrid and uses an Apokoliptian battlesuit in a last ditch effort after his plan to frame him fails. In JLU, Luthor arranges the Cadmus agency (a military organization designed to bring down the Justice League), hacks the Justice League’s satellite to fire down upon the Earth unprovoked, is finally revealed to be merged with components of Brainiac unbeknownst to him, and comes considerably close to killing the original seven members in this form.

After his presidency gruesomely ended so did LexCorp as it was sold and bought by Wayne Enterprises. In hiding, Luthor took the alias, Mockingbird, to form a blackmailed Secret Six team on his behalf. When Alexander Luthor Jr. (an alternate reality version of himself) dies at the end of the events in Infinite Crisis, Luthor again goes to the public and proclaims he was not responsible for the crimes he committed. He then starts the Everyman Project, a procedure that allows ordinary citizens to have superpowers as a gesture of good faith to the people. The project was a success but when his own staff sabotaged his results for the procedure, declaring his DNA inefficient, Lex switched off the powers of every single person that volunteered for the Everyman Project in a fit of rage.  This resulted in a lot of the Everyman volunteers falling from mid-flight and plummeting to their deaths as well as racking up a huge death toll in Metropolis. When confronted about this act, Luthor takes the artificial metagene out of desperation and is given the powers of Superman, but is soon depowered himself.


Skipping ahead in time, Luthor got another get out jail free card by going back to square one in the New 52 reimagining of DC Comics’ new continuity. Here he is pretty much the same, but tasked by the U.S. government to bring down the differently viewed alien Superman (who is now seen as an unwelcome being that scares the crap out of people because he’s way too powerful). After creating a monster called “The Hybrid” from Superman’s DNA, the creature infected citizens with a virus and killed many bystanders before Superman could stop it. For this, Luthor was put in prison, but somehow he broke out and assembled a team of supervillains to defeat the Crime Syndicate (a parallel universe’s “evil” version of the Justice League that had seemingly killed the regular Justice League). After personally killing some and defeating the rest of the reality jumping threats, saving the world, as well as saving the Justice League; Luthor was AGAIN viewed as a hero despite all past offenses. Currently Luthor has discovered Batman’s secret identity and has blackmailed his way into becoming a member of the Justice League (riding his current wave of popularity to new highs). I personally love this idea. He’s always been a wolf and sheep’s clothing. Now he’s a wolf in Justice Leaguer’s clothing.